Posted by: fullandbye | February 27, 2006

in Boston

I am in Boston.

Arrived yesternight at about 21:30, a full five hours after I should have arrived.

Am staying at a hotel filled with business travelers, and it is weird being one of them, having a huge and likely expensive room that WAY exceeds my needs and being taken seriously by the front desk while wearing my Carhartt jacket with the skull and crossbones patch and my viking hat.

Speaking of my hat…I forgot to wear it this morning. I remembered as I was walking through the lobby, and I thought “oh, the walk is fifteen minutes or so, I will be fine”. Five minutes later my ears felt as though they were being pierced a thousand times in a thousand places.

What with windchill, the weather today here was around -10 degrees fahrenheit. I had forgotten completely how biting the cold can be on this coast.

But this trip has been good so far. Meeting people who work at ECO headquarters has been really beneficial in allowing me to undertand the organization better, and in getting to appreciate the fact that the Seattle office is way nicer than the one here. If I were stationed here I would be in cubicle land in a 70’s building. As it is, I have a huge desk in an art-deco building with a view of the city and a peek at the sound.

But the people here are nice. And the city is lovely when I am dressed for it.

Mike Myoga and I dined together this evening, and we will likely smoke some hookah later on this week.



  1. uh. you need your ears, raz. they’re important. like for when the sails luff? you need to hear that.

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