Posted by: fullandbye | August 25, 2010

moving large objects

About a month ago, my closest neighbors up the valley (a delightful couple named Jesse and Josh) had their close of service and returned stateside.

They gave me dibs on their papasan chair and I would have been a fool to not pounce on the opportunity to own such a comfortable piece of furniture.

There was one problem though. How to move a papasan chair from their house to mine? You see, as the john-crow flies, our houses are perhaps two miles apart. The trail is very steep singletrack at the beginning and end, but the bulk of the journey is a pleasant amble on (deeply pocked) doubletrack road. It is maybe an hour walk.

Taxis do not run between our communities. I could have taken two taxis home, but this would have been expensive, would not have saved any time, and would be vastly less hilarious than simply walking with the chair strapped to my back.

Fortunately i have here in my possession a frame backpack, lots of line, zip ties, and Irish straps. If there is one thing that sailors are good at (besides bullshitting, drinking, and swearing) it is coming up with ridiculous hacks that involve tying knots and lashing things together. I was in luck!

First I wrapped up the cushion and shoved it in the bag.
cushion wrapped up

Then I attached the base of the papasan chair, and then the bowl on top of the base.
assembling everything

Everything secure, it was time for this kludgy solution to see the light of day.
out the door

I was extremely pleased with myself.
it is a nice look

And thusly I proceeded home.
homeward bound

On the way I had to cross a very narrow pedestrian suspension bridge and this proved a bit of a challenge. I also met a farmer who found my situation so hilariously delightful that he gave me a pineapple. Farther down the road I found a man who was willing to rent me his donkey for the remainder of the journey, but I was perfectly happy with everything on my back. Farther still I met some youth and we took cover from a rainstorm and talked about music. Finally I arrived at my site and my community had a great laugh at my return. Not only did humping the chair two miles between towns save me time and money, but it turned into a moment of cultural integration too! What a splendid day! I even had a comfortable place to sit at the end of my endeavor.


  1. Haha you look like a wicker turtle!

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