Posted by: fullandbye | May 13, 2010


For some reason (laziness mostly) I have kept the predictive text feature on my phone turned on.

In the past this has led to some pretty amusing discoveries; such as the time I tried to write “guacamole” but my phone decided upon the term “hubbanoke”. Not knowing what a “hubbanoke” is I nevertheless tried to use it in scrabble. It did not work. Apparently the nokia dictionary does not cut the scrabble mustard (or guacamole).

But it does now and again come up with a gem of irony.

Behold! The numeral combination that yields the word “pants” will, as the second option no less, also create the word “scots”. The Scots of course are an ethnic minority in the British Isles known among other things for not wearing pants.

This gives me a sense of peace; the irony of the phone.

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