Posted by: fullandbye | March 31, 2010

good heavens

It has been the weirdest 24 hours.

Also, hi! Hello! Been awhile. Have a seat.
Ths short of it:
I am changing sites. Following the opening of the PRML Biodiversity Centre in late January, things took a turn for the worse at that site. This is one of those shitty adult situations where there is plenty of culpability and bad feelings to go round, but no one person is to blame. And even if there was clear cause to blame or assign guilt, no one involved had bad intentions.
Sometimes I wish life were more like comic books or Disney movies; clear villains, heroes out to defend the meek, and citizens who are generally charming even if they are also generally boring. But no. Life is not like that and sometimes shitty situations arise despite all parties involved being ernest and well-meaning.
I wonder if this is the innocence that is lost in childhood? I used to think that the loss of innocence meant the realization that ordinary people are sometimes guilty of extraordinary malice. Now I wonder if what is lost is not really innocence, but the false belief that all bad situations arise from a confrontation between a party who is guilty and a party who is innocent. In the adult world situations sometimes arise when two well intentioned people simply cannot be well intentioned together. Maybe childhood ends when you realize that negativity does not rely on malice, evil, or even incompetence for its genesis. Sometimes even objectives that are good can result in situations that are bad.
Sometimes I think I am a grown-up. Today I am not so sure.
Sorry for the abstract nature of this post. I’m sure I can fill you in on more details at some point, but certainly not in this forum. You can email me though! If you do email me, be sure to tell me a story in your email. You could just tell me about your day, or you could tell me another story.
Don’t think you have any good stories? Bullshit. Come on! Tell a story! You are beautiful! You are interesting! Express yourself! Be free! fjdlkjdgbvkjnvbjf!!! See? Was that so hard?


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