Posted by: fullandbye | December 5, 2009

the most badass bear of all time

I fully realize that getting the the Bear Corps Act passed into law and establishing Bear Corps is no easy feat, but I would like to point out that there is historical precedence of a bear being a part of an armored corps.

That’s right. In World War II, a Polish artillery regiment had a bear that fought alongside them.

There is a pretty good wikipedia article about this bear. The bear also made badass of the week sometime ago.

If bears can leave their native lands and serve overseas in the name of war, surely they would also be willing to do so in the name of peace, right?

This idea is undoubtedly the best idea I have ever had. Who wants to sign my petition?


  1. Bears
    Raz, the poor bear was fed cigarettes! No wonder he died at 22. On the other hand, he also got condensed milk… yumm.
    Hope all is well. — Nir

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