Posted by: fullandbye | August 28, 2009

the wandering Jew

*****Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. No one in their right mind should construe any of these ramblings to reflect even in the slightest any official position of Peace Corps, the US Government, or the Government of Ghana.************

Returned to the batshit house to find that
a) It was still full of batshit and
b) I am still allergic to batshit (or something else in the house).

So I called the doctor in Accra and he told me to get my stuff together and head to Accra ASAP. This was at 11am on Wednesday the 19th.

At 2pm I was still waiting for a car to get out of the village. I ended up hitching a ride on a tractor going the opposite way (but towards a market town). At the market town I secured a seat on a bush taxi and several hours later was in Nkwanta, a whole 20 miles closer to Accra! I eventually did make it to the big city more than 24 hours after leaving site. Since then life has been pretty strange.

I did not want to remain in Accra longer than I had to, so I got permission to leave after a few days and head to Northern Region to stay with a friend. This past monday I heard from my program director that there was another site (in Northern Region, conveniently) and that a Peace Corps vehicle would take me to see it.

The village was great and the house freaking adorable. Unfortunately, there was trace something in there because sure enough, a few minutes after walking in my eyes began to itch a bit. No respiratory reaction this time, but I did not stick around long after the eyes got itchy.


So here is where things stand right now:

There are no more sites up anyone’s sleeve, so if this site is indeed off limits, then I will probably need to leave the country.

The doctor thinks that because my reaction was pretty minor, that it could be possible to put me on a drug regimen and see if I can manage this way. As it happens, this replacement site is 1km from a major road, and in a town with electricity (my phone would always stay charged), multiple phone towers, a 24hr clinic, and a police station. It is also 30 minutes from Tamale. This is all important because if something were to happen, this town puts me in a much safer position than my previous site. I like this option, but the country director is dubious.

So I might return to Washington to get an allergy screen and figure out exactly what is causing the reaction and how severe it is. Mold? Dust? Guano? Hopefully we will figure this out and work from there.

There is also a remote chance that PC will give me a country change and I will go to Jamaica. This is sorta exciting, but this is a pretty long shot so I am not getting my hopes up.

Best case scenario is that I somehow get approval to stay in Ghana, either at the replacement site or at a different allergen-free site.

Next best case scenario is PC figures out what I am allergic to and then finds a country that can accomodate me.

Worst case scenario is I get medically separated and basically need to fight to get back in PC. This would suck, but I really want to stay with the organization, even if I could not stay in Ghana, or in Africa for that matter.

Currently at the sub-office in Tamale. The weather is hot and rainy. The skies are alight with electricity. For the moment at least, all is well.




  1. hug hug hugs. Sending you love, and crossing my fingers for your guano-free accommodation.

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