Posted by: fullandbye | May 28, 2009

where’s raz?

I promised to post my schedule, so that my whereabouts were sort of known during these last days I am in Seattle.

Sorry I did not do that. For the record though, I have had very little time that could be considered good "drop in" time.

But here is the sched, as best I can figure it for the rest of my time here.

Today: Currently working on getting my shit together at my mom’s house. Inidentally, it looks as though I will have absolutely no problems keeping within the baggage requirements. It looks as though I will have ample room, will be a good 25% below the baggage weight restriction, and can even take a pillow (or two) with me. This makes me happy.

The rest of the day today is well and truly booked. Tomorrow is somewhat open, as I need to go shopping with Liz Nixon for party food, and I think my parents might want to do something as well.

I will be at Critical Mass tomorrow for at least the start of the ride. Sara and I have tickets to go see Circus Contraption at 8, but I will be there for the beginning.

Saturday all day party at Gasworks. Be there or be square.

I think Sunday is reserved for family.

Monday morning I am outta here.

Time is flying by. I think at some point you realize you can never be fully ready, but you are ready enough to go ahead with it and hang on tight and know that everything will be ok.

But this is still hard. This is very very hard. Been weepy here and there. I expect Monday will be a very difficult day indeed. I feel so lucky to be going to Philly of all places, where I can see my brother and get a hug.


  1. I might get weepy too. Hugs goodbye are hard to give, even when you are excited to see a person off on an exciting journey. I will miss you!

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