Posted by: fullandbye | May 25, 2009

T-1 week and counting

Time is flying by and there is nothing I can do but hang on tight and tell you I love you.

Through all this excitement and anticipation, I am getting really sad about leaving Sara, my family, my friends, my city.

I am so in love, but so in lust. Wanderlust makes for good life stories, but at the expense of a little bit of heartbreak when you have it as good as I do. Oh, this city. These friends. The lady with sun kissed freckles and espresso eyes to match. What a miracle of humanity I leave behind. I can only imagine the miracle of humanity that awaits me. 

In less sentimental news. My mom had a commitment ceremony (we called it her unwedding) on Saturday. Months earlier she had promised a very low key, no fuss and easy affair. Then the wedding industrial complex took hold and for the past couple weeks she has been stressing nonstop about what ribbon should tie the silverware, and how the shirts for the wedding party gentlemen might not match and whether the flower arrangements will work etc. It was enough to drive anyone nearby absolutely bonkers and I decided that what this wedding party really needed were some streakers.

My friends are amazing. True to form, David, James, Margo, Doug, Lindsey and Andy all showed up wearing skivvies and body painted as characters from Alice in Wonderland (the reception began with a wonderland themed tea-party). As they bounded through the garden and showered the wedding party with rice, the rest of the guests erupted in uproarious laughter and my mom, through her surprise managed to shout "Who ARE these people?" (she was profoundly amused). It took her only a few seconds to figure out that
a) one of her sons was definitely responsible and
b) that son was almost certainly me.

Then she told me to chase the unexpected guests down and to set a table for them if they wanted to stay for dinner. As it happened, the hour was growing late and day was beautiful and folklife was in full swing so the tea party guests of honor left shortly thereafter but pretty much everyone who I spoke with that evening told me that this stunt was the highlight of their evening.

Some part of me almost believed that a minor benefit of this stunt would be never being invited to a family wedding ever again. The plan pretty much backfired entirely, as all six cousins of my generation who approached me not only insisted that I come to their wedding but also demanded that I somehow one-up this one and come up with something even better. 

I think I also declared my wedding fair game for pretty much any practical joke imaginable. For the record, streakers will be absolutely welcome.

I have the best friends in the world. They really made everyone’s day.


  1. Win!

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