Posted by: fullandbye | May 15, 2009


Oh, hello LJ. Been awhile.

Quick update: I fly outta here on the 1st of June, pretty early in the aye em.
My going away party is at Gasworks Park on the 30th of May (last saturday of the month) and is an all-day drop in sort of affair. All are welcome. I’ll have some grills going, bring some food or drink if you like. Adult beverages should be kept as discreetly as possible because I do not want to get into any trouble and I reserved the picnic area so I am liable. I will get there pretty early (10 or 11am or so) and intend to stay until after dusk.

Sara and I went tandem bike camping with Point 83 on the first weekend of May. All was well, until less than a mile into the return trip the rear derailer succumbed to chain suck and tore out the helicoil and bent the hanger. Alas, Galatea is out of commission and will likely remain so until I get back from PC. I just do not have the time to fix her right now, unfortunately.

We got back into Seattle in the afternoon of the 3rd and by that evening were in Bellingham asleep aboard my friend Christian’s 27′ Ericson sloop. The next day we set sail for Port Hardy, and by the following Sunday had made it as far north as Port McNeil. This is a distance of something a little greater than 250 nautical miles although the exact distance I do not remember. From Port McNeil we took a VERY long bus ride to Victoria and spent a couple days in Victoria before coming back to Seattle late Wednesday.

Ironically enough, after well over 100 hours on a small sailboat, it took Sara less than half an hour on the Victoria Clipper to toss her cookies. To her credit, the motion of the clipper is pretty uncomfortable, I foolishly adivsed against dramamine, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca was in the middle of a full gale during the crossing. It was blowing 40kts easy and there is hardly a boat that is comfortable in that amount of wind; especially not a big overpowered underloaded catamaran with a bunch of superstructure. As far as seasickness goes, she was a champ and by the end of the trip had managed to get down a couple saltines, some water, some ginger ale, and a lara bar.

Lastly, my remaining days in Seattle are EXTREMELY BUSY. This weekend I am OOT for a quick overnight sailing trip. Next weekend my mom is having her committment ceremony and I will have lots of family obligations starting Thursday. Plus I have my own to do list of things I must do and things I want to do. Still, spending time with friends is an enormous priority for me, as is getting some bike time in, some sailboat time in, and some pints in. Wanna kick it? Drop a line. My evening are pretty filled but my schedule flexes a little bit and I am all about making time for the people most important to me.


  1. this week, wednesday, you and me… anytime after 12:30…. let’s kick it.

  2. Clair and I are going to be in PDX on the 30th, so we’ll miss your going away party. Was hoping to catch up at the farm party, but looks like you’re out sailing. Got at weekday evening available sometime before you go? Give me a holler.

  3. Where are you going? Are you moving away from Seattle?

  4. Ghana. Peace Corps. I’ll be back though. Mark my words, I will return.

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