Posted by: fullandbye | April 21, 2009

the past seven days

Trip home from Israel went without a hitch.

My grandfather dropped me off in Kiryat Shemona and I got on the first bus of the day to Tel Aviv. The national bus line of Israel (Egged) is a worker’s co-op and as such they get away with things that we can hardly imagine in the states. Being the first bus of the day, it was packed to capacity and quite a few people were standing or sitting in the aisle or sitting in the stairwell. One soldier spent the entire 3.5 hour ride completely passed out in the aisle, with his backpack behind his head and his rifle clutched to his chest.

The Tel Aviv central bus terminal is a labyrinthine shopping center/bus terminal spread out over several levels with random haphazard escalators and ramps all over the place. It is filled with gaudy fixtures and kiosks and is a pretty amazing place when busy. I was there on a holiday and almost everything was closed and it was practically deserted. It was erie how quiet and tomb like the place was. As the holiday ended and the country started to move again (remember that Jewish holidays end after sundown) the place started to fill with the din of travel but for a while there it was spookily quiet.

Another couple buses and I was in Ben Gurion Airport (the new terminal–built by my cousin Avie) waiting for my flight. As expected, Israeli security was faster, easier, and less obtrusive than American security. Catching a tailwind, the 767 got into New York an hour early, and it was a good thing too because my original connection was pretty short and it took over an hour just to clear passport control and another twenty minutes going through the disgraceful charade that is American airport security. As it was, I got the gate just as they were boarding my seating group. Take-off and a lazy circle above Manhattan and I could see my old college in Westchester and it was beautiful. Five hours later we flew over Mt. Index and I could see Lake Serene and Rainier in the distance. A few minutes later my beautiful city spread out before me like a realist’s canvas and we hit the runway and all was well. 24 hours running around Seattle before heading to Oregon, where I am now.

It was wonderful to see a few people on Thursday evening. Sorry I was so tired.

Friday afternoon Sara and I drove down to Portland for Filmed by Bike. We stayed a couple nights with my friends Charles and Genevieve in their wonderful home and had a blast riding around portland and hanging out with some great people. On Sunday we took 26 out to the Coast and drove down to Cape Lookout to spend the night within earshot of the surf. The day was warm and fair and beautiful. Yesterday we finished the three capes scenic loop and hit up then drove down to Newport before cutting East to Corvallis to see Mo. The drive down the coast was positively gorgeous. About the only bad moment came when I accidentally lit an Oregon State Parks picnic table on fire, but that is a different story (with pictures!) and the fire was put out quickly enough.

In Corvallis. Plan is to kick it here for a few days, maybe hit up the beach with Mo today or tomorrow and then head back to PDX Thursday some time to hang out with some Portland kids we did not see over the weekend. I’ll be back in town on Friday afternoon and am free until Saturday May 2nd. Wanna hang out?

Hey, funemployed/funderemployed kids, If the weather looks cooperative, you guys want to head out to Middle Fork Snoqualmie mid week for a little 24 hour camping trip? We can light a fire by the river and sleep on beds of moss and go stargazing if it is clear. I can drive with room for three.



  1. sadly, middle fork is closed for a while. =(

  2. well, shit. Any other recommendations of places to camp that are pretty close and not crowded and where the rangers are so glad that you are not cooking meth or lighting explosives that they leave you alone even if you are loud and soused?

  3. i don’t know of any offhand that you can drive to easily.

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