Posted by: fullandbye | April 10, 2009

back on thursday

Hey there peeps,

Back on thursday afternoon. Anyone want to do something low key in the evening? I will be quasi homeless, so I cannot really invite y’all to my digs. Maybe some low key drinks somewhere or if someone wants to host that would be awesome (Meridian? Mary? Kiln? Winona?). Low key is key; I will likely be jetlagged and will be splitting for Oregon the next morning.

Also, mark your calendars now: Unless Peace Corps wants me in Philly earlier than May 31st, then Saturday May 30th will be an all day sort of “good riddance to Raz” party at Gasworks. Big blowouts parties tend to result in not getting to spend much time with people, so an all day casual come and leave whenever you like sort of thing complete with a downtown view, some croquet, and paper bagged beverages is much more my style. More details coming down the pipe, but just so y’all know May 30th is it.

For the record, I also intend to post my schedule for the week before the 30th. I know that some people will not be able to make the party on the 30th, so I will post here and on google calendar where I intend to be for most of the week. That way whomever wants to spend some time will have a chance to drop in on a happy hour, maybe attend a duck dodge, or go for a bike ride or whatever. It will be good times.

Looking forward to being back in the Pac NW for a spell. I love it here, but there is something about the upper left coast that soothes my soul.



  1. i’m working until 7:30, but afterwards…..

  2. that could work perfectly.
    I will be running around for much of the afternoon, and will probably spend the night at Sara’s place so that is quite ideal, actually.

  3. I work that night, but will try to get off early. Can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

  4. I’ll run it by the roommates, but I”m sure that our Kiln is your Kiln, dear Raz. Especially if mellow is what you’re looking for. We can also toast to Tara’s birthday that night!

  5. Razirazirazi
    I got Thursday off work, so I’m yours anytime after 3pm for cuddles, naps, beers, etc.

  6. also you’re certainly welcome to host at the lovenest.

  7. you are officially invited to our kiln tomorrow night. it will be so wonderful to see you!!!

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