Posted by: fullandbye | March 28, 2009


36 hours in Jerusalem plus a trip the Herodion. Good times.

Brief highlights:

  • Famous late night schwarma joint in Mahane Yehuda neighborhood. So good.
  • Walking under the old old city in tunnels that date back to the time of King David. Also on this tour was a glimpse of the world’s oldest known toilet, and a 25 minute walk though the world’s oldest known (and still operational) water main. 70cm high water and an absolutely amazing experience. The guide was phenonemal, the three other people in the group were all beaten with the stupid stick as children and never recovered.
  • Amazing hummus in the Arab souk, served literally from a hole in the wall.
  • Hanging out with the cousin closest to my age and his friends.
  • Reuniting with some other cousins who have grown up tremendously since the last time I was here.
  • The Herodion. All of it. Indescribably amazing, and only just begun to be excavated. I tremble to imagine what it will be like when it is done.

The country is gorgeous this time of year. The entire galilee is green and wildflowers everywhere. So beautiful. I’ll try to post photos soon.

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