Posted by: fullandbye | March 21, 2009

adverbial airport ride

Logistically: I am going to visit my family in the ME on Tuesday. Plane leaves a little after noon. Need to be at the airport around 10am. I could take a bus, and if no one wants to drive me that is A-ok, but a ride would be nice and will spare me a little bit of complexity tuesday morning.

Any takers? First one to bite gets something special brought back from Israel (no I will NOT tell you what).

Domestically: In the throes of moving hell. This one is emotional. I love my place and am sad to leave it. I also really like my housemates. It only took six houses post dorm to finally dial in the perfect combination. I will miss living with these kids.

Nautically: I taught a sailing class today and got a little bit irritated with the people I was teaching. One woman was really late and she was a total space cadet who has obviously done very little to meet her instructors halfway. The other guy was perfectly nice, but really focused on details that do not matter. He asked questions like “should the fore or aft sail tie come off first?” and “should I hank on the jib and THEN take off the main sailcover, or the other way around?” etc. Finally he asked if the boom crutch should be stored in the forepeak or in the stern, and I said “Well, since you brought it up, the answer to that question actually lies in the third volume of the proceedings of the ‘Great Boom-Crutch storage summit of 1932’ which determined that on even numbered days of the month, the crutch should store in the forepeak, and on odd days of the month, the crutch should be stored somewhere aft”. He then paused to consider what day of the month it was, and I had to explain that I was bullshitting, and that where he stored the crutch is a matter of little importance, provided it is out of the way and not liable to get knocked around too much.

I can only wonder how much time this guy spends every morning pondering the question of whether to put on his shirt or his pants first.

Romantically: I miss Sara.

Seasonally: Happy Solstice! Equinox!

Sentimentally: I’ll be at College Inn on Monday. I cannot speak yet as to the shape I will be in; possibly quite spiritually.



  1. Equinox

  2. duly noted and edited.
    I knew that, really.
    It has been a long day (figuratively).

  3. I can do you a solid to the airport. It would be an honor.

  4. What time @ the CIP?

  5. Eight or nine, most likely.

  6. Another friend offered as well. I think he might be a busier though. So if you want to do it, then I look forward to it!

  7. I’m feeling the precursors of illness, so I think I’ll stay in tonight. Have a great evening and a wonderful trip to Israel!

  8. sounds fantastically

  9. I miss you too lovely.
    I’ve been drawing up the documents to the great woolen sock debacle of 2009. It is sure to keep many a sailor from itchy foot in the years to come.
    Not to mention that incident with the watermelons.

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