Posted by: fullandbye | March 17, 2009


I have an unbelievable soreness in my left shoulder. Undoubtedly the after effect sailing in a gale and having the shit beaten out of me by a boat (that was getting the shit beaten out of it by the weather).

When I turn my head either direction, but especially to the left, it feels like a crowbar is prying my shoulder apart right at the shoulder blade. This is on top of a constant feeling of something with less leverage than a crowbar (ripping hammer?) trying to tear off my left arm.

2000mgs of ibuprofen into the day and I still hurt like hell.

In addition to physical soreness. I am still shaken up from the race on Saturday. Estimating (correctly) that the gale would hit sooner rather than later, I canceled the class I was supposed to teach at CWB on Sunday and Sunday turned out to be mad chill, what with brunch on the hill and zen times Chez Mom watching the weather and making soup. Yesterday was pretty winning too. I got a lot done and spent some quality time with quality people in quality joints.

Today was given over largely to getting some shit sorted out in preparation for
a) moving out of my house on sunday
b) leaving the country for three weeks and change on Tuesday and
c) leaving the country for 2.5ish years at the end of May.


  1. Hey, I have the same pain. I think mine was just from sleeping wrong though. David mostly fixed it, but maybe only by just bruising all the tissue?

  2. Any more than 400mg per dose and you’re just hosing your liver. They used to prescribe 800’s, but recent studies show it doesn’t help.
    You can add tylenol to double-up.

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