Posted by: fullandbye | January 14, 2009

inflective is a great word

I remember when I declared my major in college thinking the whole process was a little deflating. I had a meeting with a departmental advisor and I casually pitched my thesis proposal and stated that I wanted to take two full years of language and graduate with honors. She gave me a cup of tea and signed a few things and then I went to a class. I remember wishing I got to stand on a marble pedestal and hold a sword above my head and deliver some incantation.

I accepted the PC offer yesterday morning. It was similarly anticlimactic. I called the PC office in DC and answered a few questions (they quizzed me to make sure I read the project description). Then I was told to fill out all the paperwork quickly and get my government passport in order. There was no gravity or long pauses; none of the language or tone that would suggest that this decision was a big one. I know for a fact that I routinely have more inspired and inflective conversations with bartenders while deliberating beverages. I am not complaining or anything, just observing that what is genuinely significant and what we publicly emotionalize as significant are two different things.

Only after the phone call did I realize how weird and awesome it was to have made such a huge decision while wearing nothing but boxers. Trend? Possibly.


  1. see yesterday’s comments.

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