Posted by: fullandbye | December 28, 2008

insults, injuries, and decisions

I’ve been pretty pleased with how I have been spending my time of late. Seeing some family during this holiday time. Seeing lots of friends too. I hope they realize how much they mean to me.

The great snowpocalypse of 2008 is pretty much over. Although a nuisance in many practical senses, there was something positively wonderful about how quiet the city became when vehicle traffic was so reduced. Also amazing how much light was reflected off the snow. No wonder snowier places at similar (or more extreme) latitudes are less afflicted with SAD.

I might write some analysis on what is going on in Gaza. Right now, none of the news seems all that credible. Going to give the various news cycles a day or so before I start to piece together what I think is going on.

Wresting with decisions on how to spend my time in the upcoming months. Latest news from PC is that June might be the earliest they will have a program. I am going to be in Israel in late March for my grandfather’s 80th birthday celebration. Very seriously considering going earlier, staying longer and volunteering in Israel rather than looking for short-term work around here. The experience is bound to be more interesting and I would get to spend more time with family I rarely see.

I think I broke my tailbone sledding down the gasworks hill last weekend.


  1. your poor tailbone! Everyone has fucked up their butt!
    The question is… is it broken or just bruised? Is it your coccyx? I guess your whole butt situation is super bendy, and I fucked mine up pretty damn good. After talking to a dude that knows shit, we concluded that i probably just bruised shit wicked good.
    To set a broken tailbone, they REACH INTO YOUR ANUS and grab it.
    Hope its just bruised.
    If you can stand, sit, walk, you are probably okay. I am in constant pain of about 3 or 4, its totally bearable, just annoying.
    Heal quick!

  2. I talked to my mom (a doctor) and she said that there is pretty much equal likelihood that I bruised it or broke it and that the treatment is the same. Even though it hurts, she said that if I am able to walk, sit and stand, then the bone does not need setting but that I should take ibuprofen to minimize swelling while everything heals. This was the consensus in a room full of doctors, so I am following their advice and medicating a little bit and trying not to sit at the angles that feel like a sledgehammer hitting my ass.

  3. I just watched Zohan. Brilliant!

  4. I hear that Adam Sandler’s portrayal perfectly represents how Israelis are. All the time.
    I actually am curious to see the film. A large part of my curiosity stems from the question of whether Adam Sandler can outdo the Israelis at the game of lampooning Israelis.

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