Posted by: fullandbye | October 28, 2008

leaky drysuit, mo, and the weekend roundup

A recap of the weekend:

Friday evening was low key. I was still recovering from a cold and took it easy.

Went sailing on Puget Sound all day. Sailed Bob Hall’s Yankee 30. Checked my list later, and this is the 47th boat I have sailed. I might make 50 before new years. The day was fair, the currents mild, the wind was excellent. Nice boat. Very heavy for its size, it did not really perk up until the breeze topped 12 knots or so, but then it balanced nicely and scooted right along.

Sat. evening Pies ‘n Pints n’ MO! Good times.

Sunday taught sailing all day. Great day for it and a wonderful class of 12 eager students. They all did very well and it was a blast to teach. After teaching I installed Goran’s new propeller. This process was quite a bit more involved than removing the broken propeller. I was underwater for about one hour futzing with cotter pins and getting the folded blades seated just right.

Because of how the tendons in my wrist are shaped, the wrist-seals leaked like crazy. After an hour I was almost completely soaked in my drysuit and despite wearing some insulation, I was very very cold. Normally I wear dry gloves and stay absolutely dry, but I needed the sensitivity of bare hands to manipulate all the small hardware for the prop. As I swam to the exit ramp my left leg got the most massive cramp I have ever had. Dehydration + cold water + not enough potassium + forgetting to stretch before the dive = nasty cramps. Two days later, my calves are still sore. The prop is beautiful though, all polished brass shiny and lovely.

One week until the election. I cannot wait to cut this beard off. It is getting out of control.


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