Posted by: fullandbye | October 23, 2008

weekend, democracy, guacamole, octopodes

Shaking a cold I have had since Monday. Undoubtedly paying a penance for the best weekend ever.

The weekend:
Friday evening dive at Alki. Saw not one but TWO Giant Pacific Octopus. They were absolutely amazing and enormous. They were tucked into their octo-dens but the mantle of the one in clearer view was easily the size of a smallish beach ball. Totally incredible. Other than the octopus, mostly a usual suspects dive with some painted greenling, a vermillion rockfish, a couple sculpins, lots of nudibranch, and some perch. My air consumption was good and my buoyancy was good too.

Sail race all day saturday. Avalon laid down the smack and won first place for the second start at Rum Run. It was a match race with us and a Ranger 26′ for the first windward and leeward legs of the race, but they made the decision to tack too early on the second beat. The favorable current and a big lift we caught at just the right moment allowed us to put nearly a mile between us and them within about 20 minutes. The final reach across the sound was screaming, but a boat with 14′ of waterline on us gained the whole time. Not one-half mile from the finish the wind clocked around and we hoisted our chute, just in time to keep our gain over the bigger boat and we ended up beating them to the finish by less than a boatlength.

The raft-up was glorious. Warm October day. Rum all around. Good friends on other boats. Someone from the committee came over and revealed that we have made a reputation for ourselves as “Avalon: the boat that always sails fast”. Damn straight. Sail races are always a blast. But they are especially fun when you need to turn backwards to see your competition.

Went shooting on Sunday. Good times. I accidentally loaded buckshot instead of skeetshot into the shotgun and the unexpected recoil bruised my shoulder pretty badly. Serviced some scuba regs in the afternoon. Had dinner with Dad. Put new stoker handlebars on Galatea. Went to bed early knowing I was coming down with a cold.

Other thoughts:

I had dinner with Heather’s parents on Tuesday and it was pretty winning.
Winona brought me soup yesterday at work because she is a total rocker and a beautiful person.

My absentee ballot is in the mail. I filled it out at my dad’s house. Absentee is the way to go. Not only do you not need to deal with lines, but you can vote in your underroos! I suppose you could wear your drawers to a polling station, but it is profoundly less weird and less cold to vote in your underroos at home. So strongly do I feel about this that I actually went to the trouble to take my trousers off just so I could exercise this additional benefit of democracy by post.

Happy Mole Day everyone! I discovered something interesting this morning when I tried to write “guacamole” in a text message: My phone’s auto-complete does not recognize “guacamole” as a word and instead tried “hubbanokef”. This raises two important questions: 1) How is it possible that in 4+ years with this phone I have never before written “guacamole” in a text message and 2) what the fuck is a “hubbanokef” and can I lay this smack down next time I play scrabble?


  1. the one good thing about voting at the polls is your “I Voted” Sticker.
    That, and I plan on doing it commando after this discussion.

  2. I can imagine where your sticker will go.
    Good thing they give out stickers instead of buttons!
    For the full effect, go commando with shorts. It is an adrenaline rush that lasts all day.

  3. Or a skirt for the ladies. On warm days it’s nice and breezy…

  4. Guess what miss genderpants, both Mr. Nubinski and I are kilt owners! I’ve got a utilikilt, and he has a kilt of the non-utili variety. His is classic and tartan and wooly. Mine is black and riveted and punk rock.

  5. aaaw.
    I love you 🙂 I hope you feel better.

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