Posted by: fullandbye | September 15, 2008

barbecues, pneumonia, and french toast

Friday after work bbq at the Siska Sister’s house. Good times indeed. What a wonderful group of people. So happy to have met them.

Crash landed into a hedge at Roanoke Park on the way home. Ride otherwise was fast and wonderful.

Heather called early Saturday worried that she had pneumonia. An hour later Sara and Heather and I walked into my mom’s house so mom could look at her. Mom got all doctory while I got all french toasty. Then we had breakfast on the deck and a good time was had by all, even Sicky McSickerson.

Taught a class at CWB. Went to another barbecue, and then kept Heather company as she lingered near death.

Sailing with dad yesterday. In more than four years of sailing, never taken the dad out. We had a great time on the lake. Finished the weekend with an instructor’s barbecue at CWB, making my barbecue record for this weekend a perfect three for three.

Good times.


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