Posted by: fullandbye | September 2, 2008


Oh boy, not since the Larry Craig scandal of yesteryear has politics been this much fun.

Three words for Mr. McCain: What The Fuck? (“Are You Serious?” is another close contender).

Oh man, I am really enjoying this media ballyhoo. Also, Obama’s declaration that Bristol’s pregnancy is off limits was both politically brilliant and tremendously gentlemanly.

I have to say though, this whole episode provides very fertile ground for a healthy discussion on the merits of comprehensive sex education. I love the timing of this following on the heels of Obama’s assertion that “We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country”. From the sound of it, Sarah Palin does not agree on this point…

Good heavens, what a train wreck. What I can’t wait for though is for Joe Biden to shred Palin on foreign policy. Actually, I can’t wait for Biden to start debating at all. Those debates could very well rival the Obama McCain debates but will doubtfully come close to the Clinton-Dole or the Gore-Quayle debates (those were halcyon days my friends).

And now, a poll!

Sarah Palin:

Michael Palin (here performing the Lumberjack Song with Connie Booth):

A week ago I would have said the answer was clear. Now I am afraid it is not so obvious.


  1. I remember so distinctly trying to wrap my head around the theological problem that unwed, teenage pregnancies posed for me as a evangilical christian.
    The basic premises were:
    1) God is in charge of everything.
    2) Every child is one that God wants.
    3) Sex outside of marriage is always bad.
    4) Birth control interferes with God’s desires.
    5) Sex as a teenager is always bad.
    An unwed teenage mom meant that at least two of those premises are wrong. I am always interested to see how people who hold the same premises that I did deal with the issue of unwed teenage moms, because that is an excruciating thing to try to make sense of, coming from that world view.

  2. The idea of Sarah Palin being next in line to be president after our oldest elected president does not strike me as funny at all. Seriously. You’ve read stuff she’s said, yes?
    She think the pledge of allegiance was around for our founding fathers. It wasn’t even made the national pledge till McCain was 6 and “Under God” wasn’t added till he was a senior in high school.

  3. I’ve read it. In a painfully stupid, possibly tragic way, she is absolutely fucking hilarious. The media is having a field day and I really cannot imagine enjoying it more than this.

  4. I am definitely not enthused about the idea of her becoming VP (or, more dire, the idea of McCain becoming p) but it seems that there are larger problems than her lack of knowledge about US history? Don’t get me wrong. I abhor the general lack of knowledge about US history in our country, and it sets my teeth on edge how much nonsense gets mythologized into some kind of sacred patriotic truth. On the other hand, I’m skeptical that many members of either party have that great a grasp on US history, outside of the area of their particular interest/expertise.
    I think that Sarah Palin is far more representative of the general populace than either McCain or Obama. For better or worse, that includes a lack of knowledge about US history, and a lot of her views and opinions. That to me is a lot more sad and scary and heartbreaking than the woman herself.

  5. You and I have the same sense of tragic historic comedy, my friend. We would be the ones drinking wistfully while rome burns 😛

  6. I would love to see Michael Palin doing the Fish Slapping Dance with John McCain.

  7. that would be about the best thing of all time.

  8. This is embarrasing, but I don’t know who Michael Palin is- and that video isn’t working for me right now. Would I know him from somewhere else? Should I be ashamed?

  9. He is an actor/comedian and was in Monty Python.

  10. Thank you 🙂

  11. He is also a very seasoned travel writer/television producer. His travel books and travel television series are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    In fact, his extensive travel experience likely endows him great foreign policy experience than the other Palin.

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