Posted by: fullandbye | August 12, 2008

san juans!

Weekend before last I went camping in the San Juans with Denny, Bernard, Liz S, Erin L, Margaret and Bob Hall. It was awesome.

I borrowed a huge knife from the grocery store in East Sound, then gave away a wedge of watermelon to a passer by.

A wonderful woman gave us firewood for free. We tried to pay her, but she would have none of it. Her cat was also adorable and ugly.

Denny had a pair of crocs stolen. WTF is up with that?!

Bob Hall is as much a scatologist as I am.

We climbed up Mt. Constitution on our bicycles. The climb was challenging. The view was glorious. The bomb was fantastic.

I slept in my hammock.

Pretty uneventful week after that. Some sailing. Some working. Some riding bikes.

Riding bikes with the PnP kids on Friday was awesome. We got beer at the Boxcar and then went to see Ashley.

This weekend was pretty good. Vashon on Saturday for August Birthdays celebration. Then a ride out to Bremerton from Southworth. My bike sorta exploded coming down a hill out of Bremerton on my way to Holly. I turned around caught a ferry, and ended up driving out there. Lamer than biking, but at least I got to see Mo. Spent the night in my hammock again.

Sunday lazy-ass time. Drove home. Did laundry. Watched In the Name of the Father (amazing) and then had dinner + hot tub at my moms house.

Sailing this weekend. In California next week. I turn 26 on Monday.


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