Posted by: fullandbye | July 19, 2008


A work project I have been working on since February or so finally launched yesterday. This was in clear violation of our “no friday launches” (no flaunching) rule. And as such was a flaunting flaunching.

Pretty good week otherwise. A week of sailing boats and working on bikes. It must be summer.

I also came really close to wetting the bed on Wednesday night! Here is what happened: Wednesday night sail races were lovely. The day was warm and fair, the northerlies puffy but never dead. It was a great night for sail racing, and we ended up taking second place for the series after running two nearly flawless races. This meant celebration after the races and I ended up going home lit.

I passed out in my clothes and then had the strangest dream. In this dream I was walking alone through a beautiful wood. I was walking in this wonderful forest and I came across a urinal growing out of the trunk of a majestic redwood tree. Its plumbing melded with the roots of the tree and it looked so lovely that I thought to myself “hey, would you look at that? That is a fine looking urinal there. I think it would be a good idea to walk up to it and…” At this point the tiny little voice in the back of my head grabbed a megaphone and said “RAZ YOU NEED TO GET UP RIGHT NOW!”.

I had the unfortunate experience of waking up drunk on thursday morning. Sobered up by the time I got to work, and worked like a madman all day. Thursday evening bid farewell to Mackenzie. She is going to do AIDS work in Zambia for a year. How awesome is that? I will miss her terribly, but I am so proud of her too. Caught up with Point 83 and had a lovely ride from the arboretum to Teddy’s.

Yesterday was Cass’s birthday. CWB boat-shop party that was still pretty low-key by the time I left to go to another party. Cool people though and some familiar faces.

This is the first weekend in a long time where I have very few real plans. I am really excited by this fact. This also means that if you read this and you want to hang out, I could very well be convinced to come hang out. Give a holler. 206-240-1264.


  1. Thanks for stopping by the party! It was small but SOLID. Quality friends more than quantity. Hell, even Denny stopped by!
    It was good to see you.

  2. It was an awesome party. Quality over quantity any day…your friends are excellent people.

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