Posted by: fullandbye | July 15, 2008

ewoks, simulacra and irony’s edge

Great weekend. Friday evening soup party and then volunteering on the hill.

Sailing Saturday during the day and then camping with some friends at the middle fork Snoqualmie river on Saturday night. It was the first night I spent in my hennessy hammock, and it was the most comfortable night I have ever spent outdoors. The hammock is wonderful, and it really got me in touch with my inner ewok.

Sara and I saw WALL*E yesternight. It was adorable and charming.

It also made me feel a little bit uneasy. Here is a film produced by one of the largest and most wasteful of corporations lampooning the influence of corporations and the dangers of excessive waste. While the plot swirled in its delicious critiques of the society of spectacle where people look at screens instead of each other, I sat in a room of strangers, entertained by images on a screen.

It brings up an interesting problem. The film is topical, and the fact that it is appreciated by a culture that seems to slowly be grasping that our habits of consumption are damaging and dangerous is cause for cautious joy. But even as criticism of consumption, the film is something to be consumed. Despite the dystopian world it depicts, I doubt if its producers will hesitate to participate in that world (WALL*E happy meal toys and other cheap plastic crap imported from China!) if doing so means greater profitability.

What a lovely postmodern world we live in. I could not stop thinking about Baudrillard, and the time Cait and I got into a huge conversation about consumer culture and the act of anthropomorphizing our world. Then I started thinking about irony. Still thinking about it.

I also really loved this review of the film, but I am a tremendous fan of Chaplin after all.

After the film, Sara and I popped into the Trabant Vivace on Broadway and Denny, counting ourselves among the last customers to ever breathe in the the grace of that inviting space. I will miss that shop; the end of an era friends, the end of an era. I still miss the Still Life.


  1. and by trabant, you most certainly mean vivace, right? oh god! so sad!

  2. oops. moi.

  3. Corrected. Sad indeed.

  4. Oh gosh. That makes me so sad.

  5. Is Vivace gone forever? Or has it just moved– like the B&O and that Piroshky place?

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