Posted by: fullandbye | May 30, 2008


So help me god, I will have a hard time not whacking upside the head the next asshat who says “Hey, I think you lost someone there! Har har!” when I am riding my tandem solo.

Do these chodepants actually think they are being creative or funny when they say this?

Good grief!


  1. heh heh. sounds like something i would do. šŸ™‚

  2. thanks for subjecting yourself to these unhelpful comments for the sake of picking me up on the tandem. it was really fun!!

  3. Think of it this way– you made a highlight in their day, and that’s the first impulse when you see one person on a tandem.

  4. your asking for it

  5. Riding by yourself or with somebody else, they also love to say, “Look, it’s a bicycle built for two!” I’ve heard that, verbatim, far too many times. I figure it’s the price you pay for the wonder of riding your own tandem, though.

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