Posted by: fullandbye | May 30, 2008

races recap

Sail racing on wednesday was intense. Three races. Very short course. Tight mark roundings. Great wind.

First race start sequence was going really well, but our count was off and they blew the whistle 5 seconds prematurely by our count. We were only a boatlength or so from the line when they blew the whistle, but we were not yet fully powered up, so we sorta limped over the line and had to tack immediately to get into cleaner air. Things were actually going our way until we rounded the windward mark, at which point the spinnaker snapshackle opened by itself as the chute was 1/4 up. The halyard skied immediately, leaving us to swap it out with a jib halyard and race that way. Windwark mark rounding was fine, but the inability to get a jib powered up immediately cost us dearly. We considered that race a scratch and ended up taking 6/7

We ended the race and sent someone up the mast, while still under sail, to retrieve the halyard. We got the spinnaker re-rigged only at the start of our three minute starting sequence, and got the jib up with less than a minute to go (less than 1/3 the time we normally have it up). Whistle blew and the hunt was on. We ended up rigging the chute in such a way as to require a jibe set, but this tactic ended up working to our advantage as we caught a great puff that the rest of the fleet missed. Came in second, about ten seconds after the winner.

Third race was pretty much perfect. Our start position was ideal, the wind did everything right, and our maneuvers were about as clean as they come. After being the hunters all evening, it felt good to finally be the hunted. We won that race by one second, with DFL less than a minute behind us. Pretty remarkable when you think about it; winning a 3 mile race by one second. I love it when races are that tight.

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