Posted by: fullandbye | May 27, 2008

it must be summer…

It feels like summer.

7 of the past ten days have been spent either sailing, teaching sailing, or both.

Three non-sailing evenings were spent picking up Sara from the airport, hanging out with my family in from OOT, and scuba diving.

Sail race on Wednesday was fantastic. I am still bruised.

Dive on thursday was the worst I’ve ever experienced. Visibility was horrible (I had trouble reading the large digital display on my wrist-mounted dive computer). But we all came back safely, and I did manage to see a pretty awesome decorator crab and a ratfish.

Saturday was something else. At CWB early for a caulking class, then picked out new glasses in fremont. While riding to Fremont I ran into a friend lost since high school. Back to CWB for a fun sail, followed by sailing three boats in <2hrs for a photo shoot. Sara sailed the three boats with me and we had a ball.

Volunteered at Lifelong that evening, then a quick ride in warm gentle rain up to Teddy's for beer on the patio in rain that felt more like kisses. Met an awesome regular from trabant, and reconnected with an old acquaintance from high school.

Sunday and yesterday taught sailing all day. Impromptu barbecue at my place on Sunday was a huge success. Best nap ever yesterday between class at WYc and CWB. Finished the weekend with drinks at Al's with Mary and Cass&Eric.


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