Posted by: fullandbye | May 9, 2008


Galatea is functionally complete as of a few nights ago.

She requires the stoker handlebars to be taped and tied.
Then both captain and stoker bars need to be shellacked. The combination of shellacked cork handlebar tape, brooks saddles, and intricate marlinspike work in place of electrical tape will give the bike a somewhat steampunk look. I like it.

Ultimately she needs rack and fender too. Rack will be easy. Fenders will actually be rather difficult, as the clearances are very tight. I might need to do a clip-on. This is unfortunate, but what can you do?

Pics to come. She is gorgeous. Simply beautiful. A joy to ride too–I picked Sara up the other night and we had a ball riding home.

Going bike camping this weekend. Cruising next weekend.

One of my favorite people is coming back to Seattle tomorrow.

Next week looks like the weather will be nice.

Life is pretty good right about now.


  1. Oh, I hope to see Galatea soon. I was already thinking of getting one of my housemates to take my tandem for a spin this eve, and reading that really drives it in. See ya tomorrow.

  2. There is nothing so satisfying as a good day wrenching on one’s bike. (Mine being the “other kinda’ bike” non-withstanding.
    Have a really good time camping and let me know when you might be up for a cruise/sidecar swap. Also, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to renew my volunteer efforts at the CWB — any suggestions on upcoming projects that could use a little Trench-wrenchness?

  3. Fantastique! I can not wait to meet Galatea, stories of her wonderousness (even in the raw, unfinished form) have been piquing my interest in these tandem bikes you speak of ….

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