Posted by: fullandbye | April 24, 2008

white sails shaking

I need to decide whether or not to commit to Wednesday night sail races this year.
If I do commit to these races and also to teaching at CWB then these two weekday engagements are pretty much non-negotiable.

There are also weekly other things that I want to do during the summer, so I am not sure whether to book myself solid ala last summer, or to take it a little easier and turn down this offer.

If I do accept this and also teach a weekday class at CWB, then my week will probably look like this:

Monday: CWB teach sailing 6-8 (pretty big commitment).
Tuesday: Duck Dodge after work-dark-O-clock (most tuesdays, optional. Really fun).
Wednesdays: Buoy Races on Shilshole Bay 6-10 or so (pretty big commitment).
Thursdays: Open. Ride bikes?
Fridays: Open. Ride Bikes? Also, El Toro racing at CWB.

Oh man. I really want to do more serious racing this year. I also really like the idea of having a few summer weeknights free every week.

The positive thing is that duck dodge is really social (I can invite people to sail with me). And CWB teaching gets out in time to enjoy some evening.

In all fairness, last summer I had my skipper class every thursday AND I taught at the WYC once a week AND at CWB once a week, so this is actually a slightly lighter schedule than last year. I also had fewer other obligations (read: I was single) last summer too, so that is a consideration.

What a conundrum!


  1. you should bully my brother into sailing with you, i’m trying to bully him into riding bikes with me. =)

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