Posted by: fullandbye | April 14, 2008

whoop de shit!

I had the best weekend ever this past weekend.

In Portland for Filmed by Bike. Weekend full of bicycle movies, bicycles, midnight rides, crossing bridges, cavernous bookstores, exciting sock purchases, farmers markets, charming hosts in an adorable house, serendipity, beer, coffee, breakfast burritos, sunshine, going barefoot in parks, riding around ENORMOUS traffic circles, new and wonderful people, waiting for trains to cross, and a parking lot filled with clawfoot bathtubs for sale.

I am taking a bronze casting class this weekend! So excited.

Big meetings and plans all week.

Total non-sequitur: What is up with parents feeling the need to sign their text messages?


  1. Ha! My mom does that, too. It also took me a while to train her not to sign each individual IM message.

  2. It’s pretty funny. Does they honestly think I don’t have their numbers stored in my phone?

  3. Yay for bronze casting!! Drink beer afterwards!

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