Posted by: fullandbye | March 20, 2008

5 years later

I can’t believe it has been five years since we invaded Iraq.

I remember the lead-up to the war; the promises that we would be greeted with gratitude and open arms, and that our presence would be fleeting at best.

I really doubt if any single event in my life has done more to inform my political consciousness than this. This war and being lied to. This violence, expense, waste, absurdity.

Bush and Cheney claim that our troops are succeeding. But this war is so absurd that when this claim is made I find myself asking “succeeding at what?”

Because even now, five years later, the answer to this question is not obvious. (And the obvious answer breaks my heart and makes me tremble in fear for what we have become).

But the world turns. We turn too.

Happy Equinox everyone. At least we have cause to celebrate something.


  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I remember going into the war thinking that it was unnecessary and stupid to go in unilaterally, but at least good would come of not having Saddam Hussein in power. (Referring to him only by his first name has always had something of a glib tone that I find entirely distasteful with respect to leaders of states). I had no anticipation of how proudly stupid the administration would be in handling postwar reconstruction, though, or how readily the media would abandon its role as fact-checkers.
    I think at this point, a sinister conspiracy would look good compared to the aimless incompetence we’ve seen for the last five years. I can only hope it will inspire a new generation of politicians and reporters and voters who give a damn.

  2. There’s so much talk of “success” and “failure” in regards to Iraq, but it seems no one ever told us what the success conditions would be when this whole thing started. That makes it easy for the powers that be to continue in their dishonesty. “Success” now means “Iraq is less of a clusterfuck than it was 4 years ago.” Would anyone have accepted that as a condition for success prior to the war?

  3. Given the reasons for going to war “success” would have meant one thing only: locating and destroying Iraq’s WMD facilities and materials.
    The collapse of that ideological fiction has exposed the logical vacuum.

  4. I believe it was a Daily Show segment that I saw that pointed out that a reduction in (but not elimination of) American casualties in Iraq from the surge being counted as “success” only makes sense if the goal of invading Iraq was to reduce American casualties there.

  5. That is depressing.
    Hilarious too, but depressing.

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