Posted by: fullandbye | February 25, 2008

give the public their voice


  1. Shane MacGowan’s teeth, hands down. They know the hell of combat, so they’re the ones I want handling the Iraq War situation. Sure, Britney’s vag has also seen lots of action, but I don’t think it really deserved that purple heart.

  2. This is why you shouldnt be able to post polls.

  3. Thanks, Clayton.

  4. Lol, How is it going? Oh hey! I had an Idea to throw by you! So i live in NYC now and have a couple of Jewish friends. I hate the sabbath, we cant ever go drinking or movie watchin because of god or whatever. So I came up with an interesting business idea: Sabbath-Busters!
    Ok so a group of people lead you to all these fun places and basically do everything for you. that way you can enjoy and observe your Sabbath/Friday! Now one of my friends thinks its violates the spirit too much but I say baloney, Its not that different than the sabbath-elevator.
    What do you think?

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