Posted by: fullandbye | February 20, 2008


Photo of Bellingham Bay, taken across the street from the massive “Welcome to Bellingham” sign on State St. At this point I think we had about a mile to go.

A schooner and a ketch in Bellingham Bay

This photo stolen from Pete’s flickr and was taken at the first vista on Chuckanut. The tandem was incapable of climbing very fast, so I split from them right after this was taken and rode the rollers solo. I think this photo was taken just shy of mile 100.



  1. I like the light in that top pic a lot and the sailboat

  2. Hey, thanks!
    It was really beautiful. The two boats in that pic were even lovelier when seen from the water the next day. The schooner is at least 50′ LOA and has a dark hull, the Ketch is probably 45′ LOA. Really pretty boats though.

  3. Golly that’s pretty. I hope that by the time this ride comes around again I will be a strong enough rider to come along without worrying that I will hold other people up.

  4. excellent I used to have a 21 foot san juan. wish I didn’t sell it but maybe i’ll buy something a little more oceanworthy in the future.

  5. Where was the final destination? Downtown?

  6. Yum, where can I get me a piece of….. ?

  7. Boundary Bay Brewing Company to be precise.
    Best pint I think I have ever had.

  8. TANDEM!

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