Posted by: fullandbye | February 20, 2008

century ride

Goodbyes to Tara. Hard. But I am so proud of her.
Quick jaunt to Heather’s birthday, then home for final tweaks of Ruby before her big day.

Saturday Bike Ride to Bellingham. Eleven people on ten bikes. 110 miles. Just shy of ten hours from rolling out of U-Village to locking up at Boundary Bay.

Up before dawn on Saturday to meet with my ride buddies. Dawn broke somewhere over Kenmore as we hit the end of the trail before climbing into Woodinville and then stopping in Snohomish. Suddenly the landscape opened up as we left downtown Snohomish and meandered through the valley to the Centennial Trail. Railroad grade made for gentle miles to Arlington. Cut west and continued on through Stanwood and into S. Skagit. Lunch stop in Conway, about 70 miles in, with 40 left to go. Farmland and more farmland, junction in Bo, then a straight shot of Chuckanut for miles before the second and final relief we saw all day.

Chuckanut ascended from the valley around mile 95 or so, then continued to roll for ten miles above the shoreline with evening sun flirting with craggy distant horizon. Final hill and descent into Fairhaven, couple more miles before locking up outside of Boundary Bay and passing the bourbon while we waited for our table. Few more miles of backtracking to get to my bed that night, but the sleep I slept was the best I have ever known.

Sailing in Bellingham Bay the next day. Light air soon gave way to fresh breeze. Perfect sailing conditions. Got dropped off near Fairhaven in time to buy a bus ticket and head into Fairhaven for a bowl of soup at Calaphon and a book purchase for the ride home. Dinner at Mom’s followed by hot tub.

Monday drove up to Anacortes, then meandered down Whidbey, stopping at some bridges, some beaches, and to visit some alpacas. Ferry ride with the setting sun astern, beers at Diamond Knot. In Seattle in time to be scared shitless with No Country for Old Men.

Best weekend ever.

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