Posted by: fullandbye | February 15, 2008


An otherwise awesome evening turned decidedly less awesome when Ash and I got into a bike collision last night.

Minor damage to Ruby, but nothing too serious.

The right side of my body hurts bad and my right wrist is swollen pretty badly.

Riding a century tomorrow. Ibuprofen is my friend.



  1. Welcome to the “I’ve had a bike collision with Ash” club!

  2. I’ve never run into Ash, but I’ve run into you! There is a “bike collision with Cass” club too. Razi and you and the Beard and a kid named Bill are all in it. We should make club cards or members jackets!

  3. This was directed at Davis…

  4. Do we have secret (gimpy, limp-wristed) handshakes?

  5. I rolled out of my collision with you. Man, that was a weird night.

  6. Who is this mysterious Ash? A tree? Sowwy about your wrist!

  7. A girl.
    Although of all girls I know, she is in fact the most likely to be confused with a tree.

  8. hahaha – just saw this. You’re probably right.

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