Posted by: fullandbye | January 12, 2008

livid and offended

I have not been this angry/hurt/offended in years.

Story later. When I am calmer.

SCUBA class was awesome today. More on that later too.


  1. I’m sorry! I really hate that feeling. Let’s hear the story

  2. oh no!

  3. Whaaaa?!

  4. hug. that is truly the worst feeling.

  5. Hrm, livid and offended is never good. I hate that feeling.
    Are you free for coffee or a drink tomorrow afternoon/evening? It’s the last day I’m planning to be in Seattle. If not, we’ll catch up next time I’m in town.

  6. Sorry that you encountered offense, but
    YAY!!! You’re taking Scuba?! That’s awesome. Welcome to the wet side (or at least the underside of the wet).

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