Posted by: fullandbye | January 7, 2008

getting all political!

Poll time!

I should mention that I get a fair bit of my news from NPR, but I forgot to mention it.


  1. it’s not technically a political blog, but i get my news from reading metafilter. i’ve also got a group of friends that, between us, we hit most of the major news sources and distill it onto our mailing list.
    the washington state primary system is pretty depressing though.
    are you caucusing?

  2. I will caucus indeed.

  3. One reason for my curiosity on this topic is after watching the democrat’s debate on the 5th, I saw virtually no mention of Bill Richardson in the media. For as broad as I searched to really see so little mention. Granted, he didn’t get the results in Iowa that the other three did, but he presented such a nice voice in the debate compared to some others.
    Also of note is how much more bickering there is, how much more direct assault on each other and generally mean spirited the republican debates have been.

  4. Using to see how the candidates stacked up against my views, Richardson actually came in just behind Kucinich.
    Truthfully, I wonder if he entered this campaign to win it, or if he entered to get his name out there. His record is extensive, and I could easily see him either as a running mate to the nominee, or possibly even secretary of state.
    Richardson has proven himself fiscally responsible and his foreign credentials are extensive. He also has a really excellent understanding of immigration, NAFTA, and natural resource issues. His understanding of and popularity in the Southwestern United States (essentially a swing region) is something that the nominee will certainly consider when choosing a running mate.
    He is actually my favorite candidate still in the running, but I doubt he will still be in the race by the time of the Washington Caucus.

  5. that is a pretty well put together website. Richardson and myself appear to be pretty well aligned. The top 3 dems all scored about the same (surprise!), and I am fairly impressed with the ordering of the Republicans by their algorithm.
    I think I could get behind an Obama/ Richardson ticket. I feel they are fairly well balanced, perhaps more so than O/Edwards. For some reason I don’t see a second attempt at vice president as a good option.

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