Posted by: fullandbye | November 29, 2007

bikes! boats!

Wandered into REI yesterday intending to pick up a gummistone and a brake cable.
Ended up picking up the gummistone, brake cable, and a pair of Sidi Dominator shoes. Expensive to be sure, but my old shimano’s are on their last legs and the Sidis were a pretty amazing deal.

Just got an email from a guy who moved here recently and would like to get into the Puget Sound sail racing scene with his 7.9 meter but needs some crew to stay competitive. Dude sounds pretty awesome. He is helmsman (no surprise) and his wife works the foredeck. They have been sailing their 7.9 as a team for 20 years and have done pretty well at it. I could really stand to get more involved with the large boat racing scene around here, so this could be an exciting opportunity. Meanwhile my friend Adrian with whom I shared an intense experience is closing on a Soverel 33 that he likely intends to race. Things could get mighty busy for me if I do end up getting involved in the Puget Sound racing circuit.


Someone I like a lot comes home this evening from elsewhere.

I wish I had a banana right now.

I must go to the post office later and I am a little scared. The post office frightens me.


  1. Ballard post office!! That’s the only one I go to. It’s brightly lit, lots of wide open space, and friendly Ballard postal people. Bike parking right out front too!

  2. I would go many miles out of my way to go to the Ballard post office. But I was right in guessing that the Capitol Hill post office was the post office that had the parcel that was not left on the door of my capitol hill home.
    If the parcel did go to Ballard though that would have been amazing. I can only imagine the wonder of dealing with “friendly Ballard postal people”.

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