Posted by: fullandbye | November 14, 2007


Either I just noticed a couple holes in a secondhand wool sweater, or my house has a moth problem.

Aside from toxic mothballs, is there a way to keep moths from snacking on my woolies?

On a completely unrelated note, I have had mild discomfort in my right asscheek the past few days when I have been sitting whilst wearing my wonderpants. The feeling was generally mild enough to attribute to a sore muscle or perhaps a very minor bruise of unknown origin.

I have just determined the cause of the problem: there has been in my back pocket, since time unknown and until just a few minutes ago…a dinner fork.

Although this solves a small mystery and allows me to sit more comfortably, this discovery inspires more questions than it answers; questions like, “why was there a fork in my rear butt pocket?”, “how did it get there in the first place?”, “how the hell has its presence been subtle enough (although not entirely unnoticed) until now?” and “does the magically appearing fork have any relationship to the not-so-magically appearing hedgehog of yesterweek?


  1. Cedar! Store woolen garments in a cedar chest or cabinet (it must be a closed system, i.e. hanging cedar bits in closet with airflow will not work). Certain types of cedar work better than others, but I will let you take care of that research for me.

  2. have you considered solving the problem at its source? instead of providing critters with such delectable snacking, perhaps you should just go naked.

  3. sounds like you got a good ass-forking?

  4. perhaps, but not good enough for me to notice until (presumably) some time had passed from the initial forking to my discovery and removal of the ass-fork.

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