Posted by: fullandbye | November 8, 2007


I forgot to post this.

As Rhi and I made dinner yesterday, I noticed a hedgehog wandering around the island kitchen in my house.

I called Rhiannon over to make sure I was not imagining things. Then, for a full 30 seconds or so, the only sound in the house was the tiny patter of hedgehog feet, and the crashing sound from my and Rhi’s skulls as our minds simultaneously assploded as we helplessly grappled with the following questions:

1) Why is there a hedgehog on the counter?
2) How the fuck did it climb up there?[*]
3) How did we not notice it until now? (we had been home for 10-15 minutes or so, mostly hanging out in the kitchen area).

Finally Rhi spoke, “I really don’t think my day can get any weirder”.

Then I remembered that my housemate has a pet hedgehog. This realization caused the world to start making sense again (to the extent that it can make sense when there is a hedgehog roaming around your counter).

the assumption that the hedgehog did not magically materialize *on* the counter, but rather came there from someplace else in spacetime was in all honesty a pretty shaky assumption to make, given the circumstances. But even pondering the possibility that the hedgehog had magically impinged itself upon our reality (an insular reality some significant height off the floor–especially significant in hedgehog terms) was enough to blow our minds more than they had already been blown. Even the most whimsical among us have outer limits to our imaginations, and the hedgehog had already stretched those limits to their breaking point.


  1. That’s about the most fantastic thing that can happen in an average, non-apocolypsical day. Really.

  2. Yay! for free-ranging hedgies!!!
    I used to have a hedge-pig named Dinah, but she was always under constant Fester-vision. It is rather unlikely that you would find an African pigmy (I’m guessing that’s the breed) Hedgehog wandering through your Seattle-area kitchen.
    Delightfully odd πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. So, what did you do with it?

  4. marveled upon its spiny existence for a few minutes, then called my housemate and had him put the hedgehog back in its terrarium.

  5. oh man, I love hedgehogs

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