Posted by: fullandbye | October 29, 2007


Either someone has a very rare and amazing breed of dog, or I just saw a man walking his pet miniature alpaca.

Is there such a thing as a miniature alpaca? It might have been a shaggy goat, but I am not sure if people are allowed to keep goats as pets around here.

It is also possible that I am seeing imaginary animals, as tends to happen when I am really sleep deprived. But although I have not rested nearly enough these past several days, I do not think I am at the point of hallucination. Not even close.

So maybe it was a miniature alpaca. Surreal and hilarious end to a strange weekend. Not so much strange as wonderful. Quite possibly the most wonderful weekend in recent memory. Certainly the most party packed, and also certainly the most ridiculously attired.


  1. Consider this a demand for further description/explanation.

  2. miniature goats are legal as pets in seattle now, as of some recent ordinance. never heard of a mini alpaca.

  3. Yes! That is what it looked like!
    Maybe it was rented one from a petting zoo?

  4. Not much more to say, really.

  5. Could it have been
    a particularly alpaca-y borzoi? they do not look like dogs, sometimes.

  6. Re: Could it have been
    they do, however, still walk like dogs. and i’m guessing a goat walk is more similar to an alpaca’s than a dog’s…

  7. Re: Could it have been
    Certainly not. Its neck was far too long, and its head held far too high.
    I know my alpacagoats when I see them, and this was an alpacagoat, not an alpacadog.

  8. Re: Could it have been
    that is one FUCKDUP dogg dude

  9. Re: Could it have been
    Her name is Bartina, she is dreaming of you.

  10. Bartina scares me-na
    dat’s all I got
    dat an my fear
    which big
    big fear
    ‘a bartina

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