Posted by: fullandbye | October 18, 2007

a friend’s kid is sick

Has anyone here ever been screened for bone marrow donation?

Do the physicians in training who read this blog have anything to say about the process?


  1. I’ve actually been meaning to do that for a while. Some years back I looked into it (they occasionally push it on us regular blood donors), and at the time it was unpleasant and cost money for the screening. But apparently the process has improved significantly, and now only requires a cheek swab.

  2. now it is super easy, they take 3 vials of blood an analyze it. Not a big deal at all.
    The only problem now is… finding someone in Seattle who will do it. Maybe I just had a hard time finding someone to send the sample to canada.
    Best of luck to the kid. I got screened for my brother, and luckily he hasn’t needed a transplant as of yet. We hope he wont.

  3. i just got screened last week! it only took a check swab. very very easy. pudget sound blood drive will do it.

  4. Are you wondering about the screening, or also about the donation part of the process?

  5. Both, actually.
    A friend’s kid might have leukemia. I am pretty positive I will go in for a screening. Curious what happens if I do happen to match.

  6. bone marrow
    Coincidentally, about an hour ago I received a really interesting New Yorker article about bone marrow transplantation in the mail. It was sent by my dad with the following note “this is from 9 years ago. Do you know any of these people?” I don’t think he understands how large Fred Hutch is. Or how weird it is to save really old New Yorker articles & mail them to people. But anyhow, my point is that I have a great article about the discovery of the bone marrow transplantation process in the context of cancer research. If you or anyone you know would like to read it, I’ll gladly pass it on! 🙂 Mary

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