Posted by: fullandbye | October 6, 2007

wish me luck

S. Wind expected 15-20 rising to 25kts today.

Tomorrow sustained S. 20-25kt winds expected, possibly rising to 30+ in the afternoon.

I would rather sail full and bye in 30kt winds than running in 25. Of course, this is precisely the opposite of how this trip will go if the forecast holds.


(otherwise all is well: this weekend began with hot toddies, lofts, a cat in hiding, and the city all around like a pulsating galaxy).


  1. “It will be rainy and no one will enjoy themselves if they’re outside,” said Chris Burke, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

  2. Man, Burke’s forecast discussions are always of the most sardonic humor.
    He is obviously not of the sea. The sailing this weekend was some of the best to be had since spring.

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