Posted by: fullandbye | September 25, 2007

Captain Raz?

I am seriously debating whether or not to enroll in an eight week, very intensive class which would grant me my Coast Guard OUPV Captain’s License for 100 ton Motor Vessels, with additional sailing and towing endorsements.

The cost is substantial (roughly 1k, plus a very large amount of time). The benefits are employability in maritime services, license to charter boats for profit, an enormous amount of knowledge, and a pretty awesome legal prefix I would use largely in jest.

Decisions decisions…


  1. Ha! Chicken feed!
    I blindly say Make It Happen, Cap’n!
    I almost went to flight school. It’s 3 credits. And $55,000 for flight time.

  2. (backtrack)
    (Okay I misread the charts, for a private plane it’s more like FIFTY FIVE HUNDRED. Still!)

  3. dude

  4. do it!

  5. jon’s card btw read: seamen, wiper.
    i think you can do better. 😉

  6. Jon was part of the merchant marine though. I would hold a license as an unaffiliated mariner at large. But yeah, captain (anything really) sounds better than, heh, seaman, wiper.

  7. raz. hell yes.

  8. I think you should definitely do it, because I think it would make you very happy to take this course and also be able to refer to yourself as Captain Raz.
    Hell, I want to call you Captain Raz too.

  9. Consider this an endorsment.
    If you do it, I promise I will monogram at least two of your shirts, free of charge.

  10. DO IT.

  11. I suppose it’s too late, but I hope you signed up for it.

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