Posted by: fullandbye | August 28, 2007


Notes from this weekend:

Circumnavigated Bainbridge Isle.

8-25-07: ….light air reach x Sound to Pt. Madison….SO Wind pickup Agate Pass current fav….squalls down Pt. Orch Psg….BIG pickup w/in sight of Bremerton….beat into slip by sepia pre-sunset….bottles of vin-vin and scottish jokes in _Frenesi_ as darkness settled in….all asleep by MidNight.

8-26-07: Slackbreeze-lowtide….eggs&coffee onshore….shortened line 0930 decision made to circumnavigate (ship of fools…or magellans!)….motored past Pt.White and into Rich Psg….Swift current unfav….back eddy at Pt. Glover–Wautaga bch lifted for 1-2nm….raised sail W. Blake Isl….reached N 2-3k under weak sly….heads’l chng gen dwn drifter up….surrender to slack breeze W. Elliot Bay…motored to W. Pt….huge current in locks….gentle steam home and all well by 1800.

There is something inherently charming about the idea circumnavigating.

Vashon and Whidbey are on my short list of Islands to circumnavigate. Vashon is easy, but a long trip to be done in 2 days. Whidbey is more challenging, as the passage through Deception Pass would need to be timed perfectly w/ currents or else it could be extremely treacherous.

It is also now a life goal to circumnavigate Vancouver Island.


  1. NOTE:
    Some people have knitting blogs. A lot of my friends write what could be described as knitting blogs, as at least 50 percent of the posts are called knitting. Consequently, i read a few knitting blogs.
    Yours, however, is the only sailing blog I read.
    And I would tally your blog sailing quotient at 100%!

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