Posted by: fullandbye | August 19, 2007


While racing at CWB on Friday evening, a CWB staffer mentioned that today would see an event sponsored by the Cardboard Tube Fighting League of Seattle at Gasworks. Without much forethought or planning, we decided that it would be a good idea to put together a fleet of El Toro sailboats and sail to the shores of gasworks with our own cardboard tubes and raid the official event.

This afternoon I arrived at CWB to find Jake hunched over a large brass telescope, intensely looking at the shores of gasworks for any sign of the party we intended to crash. Many phone calls requesting intelligence were made to people in the gasworks vicinity before we finally received word that the participants of this event were mustering and appeared ready for action.

Not wasting any time at this point, it was decided that the lack of wind made sailing a poor idea, and so we quickly mustered our own forces and rigged the traditional sweeping vessel Dan and prepared her for a row across the lake. Paper pirate hats were quickly made, and all participants were given kazoos to play Ride of The Valkyries as we stormed our victims. After the boat was loaded with supplies we cast off and rowed north.

Just off the shore of gasworks, we stopped our boat and surreptitiously watched the crowds assembled in the park before identifying our target. We beached the boat and came up with a plan: we would approach as closely as we could without being seen, then we would storm the event in one sortie, hitting as many participants as possible before beating a hasty retreat back to the boat.

Ever so cautiously we approached the group of cardboard tube fighters, taking cover in the pumphouse building and hiding behind some refinery towers. Finally the moment came and we charged. The fighters were taken completely by surprise as we stormed, but immediately a melee had formed from the confusion. We fought bravely and valiantly before deciding to retreat to safe waters. We sprinted to the beach, with the entire league on our heels in hot pursuit. After launching we realized we had left a man behind, but our adversaries made a second beach landing an impossibility, so we had to call our abandoned comrade and direct him to a secure dock where we could pick him up and reunite. Minutes later, we were once again rowing south, towards the safety of CWB.


  1. Awesome 🙂

  2. awesome. This post needs pictures.


  4. Good show, ol’ boy.

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