Posted by: fullandbye | August 18, 2007




Also, last reminder. Big birthday party later. Details provided in earlier post. Good Times. Be there.

I need to buy kazoos sometime today for a big secret mission tomorrow. Call if you feel like a trip to Archie McPhee with me. I will be all around town today before I make it to my birthday party later.

If you want to call my mom and wish her a happy labor day, call me and I will give you her number.

Last night twilight dinghy racing on Lake Union followed by a CWB barbecue on the docks. I love that place so much.

There is something incredibly charming about being one of 12 sailors each sailing tiny little dinky dink boats, all getting our asses handed to us by a 90 year old woman.

And the sunset was just spectacular.

eyebrow piercing!!!




  1. Oh Raz, I love your eyebrow piercing!
    Heather and I think you’re a fine specimen of man.
    I’d really like to come to your birthday party but I have to work at really awkward times! Can we do something together soon though? Lunch or sailing or anything?

  2. I don’t know that I ever heard the end of your bed making story? Can she handle a Beaufort 9?

  3. Raz, the eyebrow piercing is spectacularly becoming. Quite excellent.

  4. my friend, she can possibly handle a direct with with a nuclear warhead.

  5. You are a sexy beast.

  6. seconded

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