Posted by: fullandbye | July 30, 2007

catamaran on puget sound!!!

How I spent my weekend:

Note the crazy twist in the mainsail (not such a good thing, but pretty awesome looking). Also note the spray coming off our rudders. We were going 12 knots easily when this photo was taken. And yes, that is me trapped out (and Tara).

Made great time to the island, beating most of the way and then reaching across the sound. Spent the night on a keelboat tied up to a mooring ball on the south side of the island. Boat pitched like mad every time a wake was kicked up, but I slept like a baby regardless. Beat back to Shilshole yesterday, on the wire or at the helm all day.

I am sore in muscles I did not know I had.

In other news, it looks as though my request to have CWB communicate to students the courtesy of not wearing stinky perfume to their lessons has caused some stir. Hopefully this issue will be resolved sooner rather than later (as in, hopefully I do not have to deal with stinky students this Wednesday).


  1. Soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. Love!

  2. Get a wetsuit and we can sail all year!
    I am going to focus on cat sailing and hopefully get rated to take these beasts on the lake by sometime in Autumn. So fucking fast. So fucking awesome.

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