Posted by: fullandbye | July 27, 2007

a most epic ride home…

A little too much wine on an empty stomach at Rhi’s house.

the space between our houses as the crow flies.

So I usually bite the hill and ride home this way.

So it goes without saying that I elected to go home this way!

I pretty much never listen to music while I ride, but listening to Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd while riding made this ride that much more epic.


  1. And completely avoided westlake? Razi, I miss youuuuu. coming to CM?

  2. Will probably miss CM this time. Playing sailboat polo!
    Wanna hang out next week?

  3. …yes.

  4. i so miss riding seattle. SD isn’t bad, but it just isn’t nearly as pretty and there aren’t nearly as many nice points together the way that ride puts ’em.

  5. Yeah it was really beautiful. I sorta wished I had made it to Golden Gardens, but I really did not want to get off my bike. My one stop was at the Black Sun sculpture in volunteer park. Also note what I did in the roundabout in Volunteer Park. The silvery moon over Lake Union was haunting too. So beautiful.

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