Posted by: fullandbye | July 25, 2007


Hobie 21 on the lake in 10-12 with 15 kt gusts yesterday.
I “fixed” the trap wire only to discover that my fix was no good.
The discovery was made as the swage failed and I fell backwards into the lake.

Imagine the wire running to these people’s harnesses suddenly failing:

Pretty exciting, huh?

Two things about this experience are amazing.
Amazing thing the first: I managed somehow to stay with the boat.
Amazing thing the second: I arrived at a complete, total, almost spiritual awareness of what had happened between the time the crimp failed and the time I hit the water (less than one second). I literally saw the nicopress sleeve slide off the wire joint and immediately felt a zen calm spread over me as I fell backwards into the water rushing below. My awareness of my helplessness and futility of fighting the wet fate awaiting me was so thorough that my calm and resignation to the situation bordered on the mystical. I think I might have laughed as I fell. I know I surfaced laughing my head off.


  1. That sounds pretty incredible, Raz. Your description does your experience as much justice as a writing can – by the time I finished reading it I was also laughing despite the fact that I’ve been pretty stressed working on my paper a few moments before that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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