Posted by: fullandbye | July 20, 2007

Mark your calendars, kids…it is Razpacho time!!!

Razpacho party.

Aug 4th. Early Evening, Chez Raz.

If we want to have this be a razpacho making party, then we will need to remain at my place at least until people have a chance to prepare their razpacho.

If we would rather prepare our comestibles prior to the event, then we can perhaps muster at my place and then relocate to a park on Cap. Hill for a razpachnic (I live very close to Cal Anderson and Volunteer Park).

My kitchen works well for collective cooking, but I have found that the flavors of razpacho take a good 24 hours to fully develop, so I will be making mine in advance. Although this is a razpacho party, folks are encouraged to bring whatever they wish.

If people are interested, we could perhaps finish the evening with a screening of some Spanish or Portuguese cinema, but I am not familiar with either nation’s film heritage, so suggestions on this front are welcome. We could also skip the film and entertain each other.

Let me know if you are coming so that I have some idea how much razpacho to make. I’ll also probably pick up some bottles of vino at Pete’s but more is always welcome…


  1. um, whats razpacho?

  2. it is a very special variation on the chilled soup known as gazpacho.

  3. Unfortunately, I have a housewarming party to be at that very same evening …

  4. I have several movies that I can recommend, depending upon what you want to see and the style of movie.

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